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Dogo Argentino Atlanta - Majestic Bred Dogo

My Name is Michael Bell and I love Dogo Argentinos. My love for the Dogo Argentino began when I went on a hunting trip and saw this powerful and elegant dog. How it mastered the field with ease, how it's a hunting and working machine, but at home it's a couch potato, and it is also very gentle with children.


Here at Dogo Argentino Atlanta - Dogo Argentino Club of Georgia we strive to breed the best Dogo Argentino (s) just the way they were meant to be created. As a family owned kennel, we treat our Dogo Argentino (s) as family. Feed them the BEST dog food money can buy (Blue Buffalo Wilderness large breed). Therefore the Dogo Argentino puppies come out in perfect health condition. This is more of a passion than a business for us and we give each individual Dogo Argentino our undivided attention. We focus on each Dogo Argentino individual needs with no compromise to attention.


Hard working,Great hunters, tireless, fearless, protective of family, never aggressive, and gentle with kids. You will find our Dogo Argentino (s) of the highest quality out there.


Rather than having FAQ's tab we rather you give us a call to answer any of your questions personally.


Remember that this breed was bred to hunt big game. Not recommended for first time dog owners. People dominance must be asserted at an early age and handled with great respect.


If you are looking for a great Pedigree look no further that here at Dogo Argentino Atlanta - Dogo Argentino Club of Georgia we have the best of the best pedegrees and bloodlines. De La Cocha, Los Medanos, Del Huaico, Ackon Cahuak. All of which have World Champion Bloodlines in our Dogo Argentino (s).


Our Dogos Argentino (s) have FCI and UKC registrations.


We are against dog fighting and all illegal dog activities.

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