Join us!

Hunting Trip in North Ga!
Catching a Hogs!

Joining is Free of Charge!


You must have a Dogo Argentino or want to own one to participate.


Majestic Bred Dogo Kennels is a part of the Dogo Argentino Club of Georgia.

The main purpose to joining is to enjoy ourselves and our Dogo Argentino (s).

We go to the Dog parks, on walks, and most important of all HUNTING!



We first have to show the Dogo Argentino how other dogos do it with a small hog/boar so that they get exited. Then we release them so that they join the fun. After they get their confidence up we put them larger hogs/boars. We will not put a larger hog/boar that the dog is not ready for. After some time we are ready to hunt!



Hunting is not for everyone and discretion is adviced.

You must be 18yrs or older with a valid hunting license to participate in a hunting program.

No one is responsable if dog gets hurt or dies only the owner of the dog!

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